Toyota RAV4 Price in Nigeria (2010 Model)

We review Toyota RAV4 price in Nigeria and you can easily jump to both the foreign used and locally used Toyota RAV4 price in Nigeria. It is easy to review why the Toyota RAV4 rates are among the most sought cars after compact SUVs in Nigeria today. Among the classes of this vehicle, the RAV4 excels at durability, cool, and petrol control. Apart from these features, the interior design is very amazing, it is very efficient compared to swiftness.

Toyota RAV4 Price in NigeriaLet us consider the in-depth look at the 2010 Toyota RAV4 and how much it will cost in Nigeria today. We will be reviewing both locally used and foreign used versions.

Foreign Used Toyota RAV4 Price in Nigeria

The foreign used 2010 Toyota price in Nigeria is presently cost N3.55 million -N6 million depending on the level of the exchange rate as at the period of purchase. Moreover, there’s nothing as exceptional as a brand new car, not just because of freshness but its quality, smoothness, and efficiency, neatly used versions of this vehicle sometimes serve as great optional. With a new 2010 RAV4, the best available alternative still remains the foreign-used version of the model.

You can always buy one here.

Locally Used Toyota RAV4 Price In Nigeria

The locally used 2010 RAV4 can be bought at the rate between N3.1 million – N4 million depending on the condition of the vehicle, the neatness, fuel mileage, and other inclusive factors.

2010 RAV4 Overview

Like other Toyota RAV4 models, the 2010 version is available in three main trims: The base trim, the Sports version, and the Limited model. The midsize SUV offers seating for seven and cargo capacity compared to most other vehicles in its category.

Its acceleration movement is easy to maneuver when it comes to the tight space in it, it came with four base trim which has an angular shape.

As mentioned above, this architecture was co-developed with Japanese automaker Subaru. The  SUV concept aims to take on the electrification prowess Toyota has harnessed since its release of the Prius back in 1997 along with Subaru’s legacy as an all-wheel-drive titan.

Unfortunately, Toyota did not unveil battery size, range, or performance metrics. So, it’s uncertain how much Elon Musk and Tesla have to fear Toyota’s entrance into the EV space. But if Toyota can bring a similar range to the Model X and Y, then its pedigree as a quality automaker should attract longtime fans into a switch to electric. Other design cues in the Toyota concept include a long wheelbase with short overhangs for increased interior space, an open-concept interior with a large screen on the dash. Toyota made no mention of the types of interior materials, but we suspect, just like with the, that it will feature vegan leathers and other eco-friendly textiles.


Updated: March 15, 2022 — 3:26 pm