LG Fridges Prices in Nigeria

LG is one of the best-selling products in the world market today and we talk about LG fridges prices in Nigeria. It’s really good to know how to get the money from your company to invest and get profit, this is one of the reasons that LG company has produced affordable and portable product features that can be purchased and moved from anywhere within your home.

Among the best manufacturers of appliances in Nigeria, is LG. For that reason, we have decided to compile a list of the best LG fridges prices in Nigeria. In terms of quality, there are few competitors to LG fridges, if any. You get a premium design with top-notch quality. The good thin, LG makes many models and types of refrigerators. Therefore, you can find the one that best suits your needs. As far as type goes, you get the double door, mini single door, deep chest freezers, and beverage coolers/ display refrigerators.

With LG fridges, you get to keep your vegetable freshers for longer and chilled water on hot days. Advantages that you get with these refrigerators include fast freeze, lock and key, led lamp, and stylish design.

Let’s dive into LG fridges prices in Nigeria.

LG fridges prices in Nigeria.


LG Fridges Prices in Nigeria (2022)

LG Refrigerator Price
LG Refrigerator 201 ALLB 190L ₦ 88,999
LG Standing Freezer – Silver – Frz204 ₦ 117,000
LG One Door Refrigerator REF 051 SA ₦ 44,500
LG 253 Liters Fast Freezing Chest Freezer FRZ25K ₦ 170,000
LG Single Door Refrigerator GC-131QS ₦ 57,000
LG 334Litres Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer- GCB419SLQZ ₦ 228,000
LG Refrigerator Top Freezer 322 RLBN ₦ 174,950
LG GC-269VL Bottom Mount Refrigerator ₦ 116,000
LG Chest Freezer – GCS-150GV 100Litres ₦ 79,999
LG Refrigerator 201SLBB Single Door – 170L ₦ 85,000
LG Chest Freezer GCS215SVF ₦ 115,000
LG Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer-REF269 ₦ 116,000
LG Crystal 6 REFRIGERATOR-REF492GLDL ₦ 235,000
LG Single Door Refrigerator GC-131S ₦ 44,650
LG Fridge GN-Y331SLBB Single Door ₦ 82,000
LG One Door Refrigerator GC-051SQ ₦ 43,000
LG Single Door Refrigerator 131 ₦ 50,000

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Updated: March 15, 2022 — 3:44 pm